Dawn of the Apocalypse

Dawn of the Apocalypse is a range of model figures which are assembled and painted by gamers and collectors.

Our figures are highly detailed sculpts in 1/35, 1/24 and 1/16 scale with a mix of both traditional and digital sculpting included. The figures are cast in a light grey resin.

Based around the idea of a zombie apocalypse, the range is intended to be fun and irreverent, if you want political correctness then you won’t find it in this universe! The range is intentionally humorous, think World War Z rather than The Walking Dead.

Building on a range of figures previously released in other ranges (see the history of the brand below) we’ll be adding new subjects regularly and really looking to explore the crazy world of the Dawn of the Apocalypse.

History of the Company

Dawn of the Apocalypse is a brand wholly owned by Tommy’s War Limited, an established historical model figure company which has been trading since 2011 under the brand Tommy’s War. In 2017 Tommy’s War Limited purchased the rights to the Dawn of the Apocalypse brand and range of figures. Additionally Tommy’s War purchased the rights to a number of figures from the now closed Not Yet Dead range.

In 2018 Tommy’s War Limited brought the Dawn of the Apocalypse brand back to market with the figure rights purchased plus new releases.

It is our belief that with our experience of production and marketing within the model figure market built-up over 8 years we can offer the fantasy customer a truly superb product, full of character, humour and with great quality.

Important notice

While we have purchased the rights to the Dawn of the Apocalypse brand range of figures from the old owners (Dark World Creations) we did not purchase the rights to any of their former 2000AD range, nor will we do so in the future. Tommy’s War Limited has no formal association with Dark World Creations, we do not stock or hold any of their 2000AD products, nor are we able to gain access to them. We will not enter into correspondence with customers looking to purchase 2000AD figures formerly from the Dark World Creations range.